1034) About a month ago, I realised that I was crushing on one of my friends and it’s making me unhappy because I don’t want to lose him as a friend. I can’t help thinking about what it would be like to kiss him an hold him close to me. I don’t even know if he likes boys or not and even if he did, he wouldn’t return my feelings as anything more than friendship, so I’m stuck being awkward and shy and just friends.

1033) I’m sick of waiting for you to decide. I think I’m going to give up. I can’t keep holding onto a tiny hope and then being let down over and over again.

1032) I never appreciated you when I had you and so I lost you and there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

1031) I would give anything to just be able to talk to you again.

1030) I think I’m falling for someone who I’ve never met and only known for a few weeks. I didn’t think this was possible but it’s happening.

1029) I have anxiety/panic disorder, easily get scared even on trivial things. I just somewhat got recovered from one of my ‘bad cycles’, so my defense was pretty low at the moment.

Thing is, this one friend sent a scary link to me (unexpectedly, of course), and it completely scared the hell out of me. I feel shattered, my heart was racing, and for a moment I thought I had a heart attack. Took about half an hour to calm down.

My friend knew I have anxiety disorder, but she doesn’t have a clue what it is about. So I understand she sent the scary link just for fun. But still, I’m pretty upset, angry about it. Can’t believe how ignorant some people can be. It’s different if she sent the link five years ago, I could probably just laugh it off, or send her another link to get even.

She’s a good friend, and I like her. But now I just want to pour my hearts out here so hopefully I can get a goddamn good night sleep. Good night.

1028) On Saturday at midnight (going on to Sunday), my boyfriend broke up with me. I don’t know what to do anymore. We’ve been dating since october 27th, 2009. Our second year anniversary was only 5 days away. He told me he was unhappy but he wouldn’t tell me why or with what.

Our small group of friends are also upset. We were the couple of the school. The one people looked at and said “I want THAT kind of relationship” the one who was said to get married and live a happy life. I thought we were happy. But he told me he wasn’t and that for 3 months he had all these feelings he couldn’t share. I just dont understand. I want to know why he is so unhappy or why he wouldn’t talk to me for so long, what did i do wrong, or why he let his feelings build, or even why he decided to break things off so close to our 2nd year anniversary. I miss him so much and I love him. I don’t know how to get him back into my life. Everything i do reminds me of him. I just can’t let him go. He says he wants to be friends until he can figure things out and i wanna help him but he wont let me in. He’s hiding something and im desperately trying to find out what. My whole family, all my friends, even a lot of teachers were crushed by the fact we aren’t together anymore. I wanna go back to being happy with the one i truly love, He ment everything to me. He was my first boyfriend, first kiss, first guy to hold my hand, first one to call me beautiful, first to pull me from my sad feelings, first for a lot of things. I just dont understand, how can i go from you being my true love to staying with just friends? I want you back in my life and im miserable without you. My health has gone so low, I haven’t eaten or slept in 3 days. I keep throwing up (not purposefully). My parents and friends are begging me to eat but I just can’t. This whole thing is going to kill me. I’m afraid for myself. I just miss you so much and love you so much. I wanna know, whats so wrong with me? I tried so hard. I made you little gifts, I took you places, I bought you things, I was there for you when you cried, I was there when your family turned on you, when you found out your aunt had cancer, when you found out you uncle who seemed like a dad to you was getting a divorce, when your dogs died - when you needed help with anything I was there. You say you love me and miss me but don’t want me. Someone tell me what to do, I can’t think straight, I’m lost without you.

1027) My guy friend is mad because supposedly half of the guys in the school are his homies and if I go out with anyone he would be pissed. Dude, you should be happy for me. I’m starting to think that you like me and we have been best friends for more than 4 years. Jeez, I need space and I want a boyfriend but I guess I have to lose a friend to gain a boyfriend!

1026) I love you Michael R. History is the only time we ever see each other, besides passing period and lunch. The times that we spend with each other are ones that I will never forget. But I just need to know if you love me the way I love you. If you do see this, please txt me and tell me your feelings because baby I can’t live with out you. If this is too much go ahead and break my heart but don’t hate me. ‘cause baby, I love you. -T

1025) My ex hates me and I hate him. I don’t want any drama, so I just wanna be friends but I’m starting to have feelings for him again. I called so we could talk and some girl answered the phone and told me to stop calling because he didn’t want to talk to me. I really loved him and I don’t know if i still do!! Well, I have been crying my heart out ever since.

1024) One night, I said “I love you” then the next day as I pass you all I got was a smile.

1023) My heart has been broken so many times by guys who are embarrassed by me being their girlfriend. I know I am popular but why am I getting rejected? All of the losers love me and only half of the popular love me. But the one I love is on the popular side and we spend nights together just loving that we love each other, but says we just have to be friends.

That night when he told me that, I cried my heart out. I thought it was over forever. I knew then and forever that i truly loved him and no one else. But a few nights later he told me the truth and said he cares and still likes me. I was overjoyed but we still had to be friends because his best friend is in love with me, and I don’t like him but my love does not want to hurt his best friend. I would think I’m more important but it seems that we are becoming friends with benefits, which I definitely don’t want. I love him with all my heart but I keep thinking that I will never know if we will ever be more.

1022) I think you just wanna be friends. You live right across from me and we sneak out to hangout and kiss. You tell me you care about me and your friend is in love with me but I love you and it hurts so much to see how you say we can’t be together because of him. Who cares baby? Lets waste life on each other.

1021) I hate my parents. They dont give a shit and they treat me like I’m some stupid animal. They get pissed if I express myself. Who would get mad if you put the word magic on your binder? Who cares if my shorts go higher then the knees, you crazy bitch?! I cant take this anymore, why the fuck do you have to fix my hair or make a remark about my outfit? Don’t think you are cool because you come in my room and TRY to hangout with me and my friends. You are an old woman. People are gona think you are a creeper! The only reason i get made fun of is because of my mom. My clothes are ugly and she yells and screams if I’m late to high school. Who freaking cares?!

1020) If a guy says he cares about you and then says he cant be with you because his homie loves you..don’t believe it. He either is a douche bag and does not give a shit, or he is embarrassed by you. Guys are stupid. None of them, and I repeat none of them, will treat you right.

They are self centered and don’t love anyone except themselves. They break hearts and lie. If you say “I love you”, we mean it but a guy only says it to make you happy - he might not even really love/like you. It’s bullshit. I wish I knew what a guy was thinking when he ever looked at me! They are complicated and selfish. They honestly don’t know what right things to say or do!

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